Whether you're a high impact warrior, work on your feet all day, or strut your stilettos like a proud fashionista, reusable and convenient StandStrong™ arches help women on-the-go put their best foot forward. Unlike conventional rigid insoles, podiatrist-designed StandStrong™ arches discreetly stick to the soles of your feet to relieve pressure, enhance balance, and promote proper foot alignment for all-day comfort in any shoe style. And with 200 uses* per pair, you can have happy feet for about 30 cents a day.

Discreet relief for achy feet

If you’re experiencing foot pain from years of punishing footwear, high-impact use, or acute injury, StandStrong arches can relieve the pain while retraining your feet into proper alignment. You might be thinking, how can something this thin and lightweight be effective? The slim profile of the StandStrong arch resembles the foot’s native tissue,

helping to both reinforce the existing architecture, while alleviating the pain by redistributing weight and pressure and promoting optimum alignment and balance. The Stand Strong Alignment Technology (SSAT) is designed to discreetly stick to your feet giving them the support they need in any shoe.

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3 easy steps to all-day comfort

Medical Disclaimer Our product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We make no claims or guarantees of payment or reimbursement by any insurance companies. Our orthotic is intended to make the feet more comfortable and minimize stress on the foot.

Diabetics and Neuropathy Patients Please contact your physician or other qualified healthcare practitioner before using this product.  If you have decreased sensation or other skin/nerve damage, please consult with your healthcare practitioner before adhering this medical grade gel to your foot.

* StandStrong arch lifespan varies based on user activity, footwear, and daily cleaning regimen.