Created by board-certified podiatrist Dr. J. Gregory Stilwell, DPM, Stand Strong®  was inspired by the Navajo concept of Hozhoni – to walk in beauty.

Dr. J. Gregory Stilwell, creator of Stand Strong™

Dr. Stilwell practiced podiatry surgery for 30 years, spending more than half of that time in beautiful Durango, Colorado. In 2013, Dr. Stilwell retired from practice due to a condition known as CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth) the affects of which compromised dexterity in his hands making it difficult to perform surgeries. Never one to quit, Dr. Stilwell refocused his talents on exploring technologies designed to provide long-term comfort and relief for millions of people who suffer from similar foot-related conditions.

Dr. Stilwell began making the original Stand Strong® prototype for his patients in 2009. With more than a decade of perfecting the technology, these revolutionary devices are now available to everyone – whether you suffer from a chronic foot condition or simply seek comfort, support and convenience. 

The Stand Strong® foot support is a reusable, wearable orthotic designed to stick to the bottom of the foot to relieve pressure, increase balance, and promote proper foot alignment for overall comfort and support. 

Perfect for any shoe, Stand Strong® offers the stability for your kind of mobility – no matter how you move through life.