Created by certified podiatrist Dr. J. Gregory Stilwell, DPM, StandStrong was inspired by the Navajo concept of Hozhoni – to walk in beauty.

Dr. Stilwell practiced podiatry surgery for 30 years, spending more than half of that time in beautiful Durango, Colorado. In 2013, Dr. Stilwell retired from practice secondary to effects of CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth) on his hands. Since then he has been focused on developing a technology to promote foot pain relief  and overall good foot health to help the millions who suffer from similar conditions. He created the StandStrong Arch, a reusable, wearable orthotic designed to stick to the bottom of the foot to relieve pressure, increase balance, and promote proper foot alignment and stability for greater comfort and mobility – no matter how you move through life

Dr. Stilwell started making the original prototype of StandStrong arches for his patients in 2009; now these revolutionary devices are available to everyone.

Find comfort in all of your shoes try StandStrong arches today and experience the difference they make, however you stride!