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Foot pain knows no social class, race, or gender. Some of us have more foot pain than others, yet we don’t have to ask too far to find people who have their share of foot issues.

While podiatrists may treat more advanced foot pain disorders, with complicating factors like diabetes or neuropathy to contend with-there are still lessons we can all learn from understanding common foot pain causes. While yours truly, Dr. Stand Strong, inherited a foot affecting neurological condition called Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disorder-many of the symptoms of that nerve disease are just magnified examples of the more common, run of the mill foot problems suffered by otherwise healthy and active women.

As a podiatrist with CMT, it is heartening to hear someone famous like American singer and songwriter Alan Jackson also inherited CMT.  Balance issues, foot deformity, and difficulty wearing normal shoes (or even cowboy boots) are all daily facts of life for this tribe.  And, the development of the Stand Strong® Arch was driven by studying how to decrease foot related pressure points (many causing callouses or corns), and helping to achieve a well aligned foot and leg-leading to better balance and less low back, hip and knee pains.



Foot Conditions - Before and After Stand Strong Arch Supports


While a progressive disease like CMT oftentimes leaves the individual with profound weakness and loss of sensation in the foot and lower leg, even the common treatments like bracing with an “AFO”, or ankle foot orthoses can cause secondary pressure points, pain, and even ulceration of the skin from chronic rubbing or poor fitting rigid orthoses.

The Stand Strong® arch is designed to minimize excess pressure points on isolated areas of the foot. Many of us have felt pain in one area of the ball of the foot, for example. Proper placement of this stick on arch support can relieve the pressure, and help the pain because of that. Please let us know your experience with this novel remedy!

Keep On Standing Strong!
Dr. Stand Strong


Sam Andrews

Sam Andrews said:

My wife has been complaining about how much in pain her feet are after she wore a pair of high heels last weekend. Upon hearing that, I instantly remember what you said about how some severe foot pain issues may be treated by podiatrists as well. Hmm… maybe, she just needs to find a specialist to treat the condition properly and fast.


Jake said:

Great article explaining the need of proper foot maintenance. I really like how you indicated that routine foot checkups by a qualified doctor will enhance the health of our feet while lowering the possibility of any related illnesses. I believe the information is fantastic, and since my dad has diabetes-related foot issues, I’ll think about setting up an appointment for him to see a specialist. Thanks.

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