This common foot condition occurs when the medial (inner) arch of the foot begins to collapse and can make near-complete contact with the ground during full weight bearing. Instead of a spring-loaded arch, the shock absorption of that arch is lost – and pain, arthritis, and deformity can result.

Sometimes a traumatic injury with impact to the arch can tear supporting muscles, ligaments and tendons loose, creating a sudden flat foot. Diabetics who suffer with a Charcot Marie Tooth event, find themselves with a swollen, red and hot foot that is undergoing a sudden washing out of bone mass and catastrophic collapse of the arch architecture.  This Charcot type “hyper vascular” degradation happens quickly in some diabetics and can cause long lasting and life changing side effects.

Most people with garden variety flat feet don't have symptoms unless they are on their feet too long, have significant weight gain, wear sandals, flip flops, or poorly supporting shoes.