Many chronic foot deformities are a result of misalignment of the ankle and foot. The position of many larger bones of the foot are controlled by muscles in the calf. If the route of the muscular tendons around the ankle and foot is altered from excess pronation (flat foot) or supination (high arch), the bones into which those muscles insert begin to shift, move, and deform.

The adage, Wolff’s Law, states that bones shift and respond to the stresses placed upon them. Oftentimes, children are misdiagnosed with “growing pains” of the legs, when in fact those inflamed muscles are painful from overuse, trying desperately to hold the foot in correct alignment during walking and running. 

Hereditary joint shape in the ankle and rearfoot often contribute to a misaligned arch. Bunions and hammer toes typically result from an abnormal pull of muscles inserting into those toes. That “vector of force”, or abnormal angle of pull by the foot and calf muscles, gradually pulls bones out of alignment and various foot deformities can result.  Many of these deformities can be prevented with arch support, and specific exercise prescription.