Daily Wash - Arch Supports' Cleanser STAND CLEAN®


Keep your foot supports clean and fresh with our STAND CLEAN® Daily Wash (with added deodorizer!), paired with our gentle cleansing sponge. Using our custom-blended Daily Wash will extend the life of your foot supports and ensure proper application. 

Stand Clean® Daily Wash Refill is designed to keep stickier and clean the Stand Strong® Arch. Its daily application can help maintain optimum cleanliness levels and increase the longevity of your products. Its gentle formula is safe for most surfaces and won't scratch or damage them.

Stand Clean® Daily Wash Kit includes:

  • One bottle of 30ml STAND CLEAN® Daily Wash
  • One gentle cleansing sponge

How to clean your Stand Strong foot support properly?

Know more about it on our following blog! HOW ARE YOUR STAND-STRONG ARCHES STICKING?