Arch Support - Zebra print - STAND STRONG®


STAND STRONG® Zebra Arch Supports are designed by a podiatrist with ultra-durable materials; they feature superior cushioning for active days with enhanced shock absorption, pressure reduction, and pain relief. They are specifically designed to support your feet, reduce foot fatigue, and alleviate symptoms associated with certain foot conditions such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and more.

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STAND STRONG® arch supports package includes:

  • One pair of stick-on arch support
  • One cardboard for storage and reuse, and a manual with instructions on using and wearing the product.

Peel, stick, and wear! 

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If you have sensitive skin, we recommend STAND STRONG® Pink Arch Supports.

*Please note that estimated shoe sizes are US women's sizes.

*Important recommendations: Clean your skin to remove dust or grease, and Dry thoroughly before sticking your arches on. Liquid substances and oils can peel off the arches from your feet immediately or after hours of use.