Hello, foot warriors! Are you tired of the relentless battle with plantar heel pain? Dr. Greg Stilwell here, to spill the secrets on how foot supports are the unsung heroes in the fight against this common foe. Let's embark on a journey to happy, pain-free feet! 

The Chronicles of Plantar Heel Pain 👠

Plantar heel pain, or the infamous proximal plantar fasciitis, has become a frequent complaint of visitors in the offices of podiatrists. Dr. Kevin Kirby, with over 38 years of experience, notes that this foot adversary shows no signs of retreat. While the controversy around its origin lingers, one thing is crystal clear – biomechanical causes are the main culprits behind plantar heel pain. 

The Medial Calcaneal Tubercle Saga 🦴

Enter the spotlight: the medial calcaneal (heel bone) tubercle! In a radiological study back in 1988, Dr. Kirby and his podiatry comrades found that the plantar calcaneus (plantar means bottom of the foot)takes the brunt of “compression forces” during weightbearing activities. The drama doesn't end there – the plantar fascia, originating from the same tubercle (boney prominence), is subjected to high tension forces akin to a tightrope walk!  No wonder plantar heel pain reigns supreme in foot misery! 

The Battle Plan: Dr. Stand Strong’s Foot Arsenal 🛡️

Diminish both the compression and impact forces directed into the heel bone when stepping onto the ground, (ground reaction forces- GRF) and decreasing the stretching “tightrope” forces within the plantar fascia itself. The first line of defense includes lifestyle tweaks – no more barefoot activities unless you're wearing your Stand Strong Arches (SSA), cozy cushioned sandals at home (cue the Oofos sandals),topical pain meds (see our Relief Roll-On– that also works as a massage ball), and a daily stretching of the Achilles tendon. But wait, there's more – the secret weapons are revealed: over-the-counter (OTC) like the Stand Strong Arch vs. custom foot orthoses. OTC for starters, but when the going gets tough, custom foot orthoses from a podiatrist take the stage with their superior durability and customization potential. 

The Podiatrist's Sherlock Holmes Moment 🕵️‍♂️

To tailor the perfect foot orthosis, a podiatrist dons his detective hat. History of plantar heel pain intensification? Check. Assessment of longitudinal arch height and plantar heel fat pad thickness? Check. Heel Pain Gait Test during the patient's stroll to pinpoint the villainous forces – compression or tension? Double-check. Armed with these insights, the path to the ideal foot orthosis becomes clearer than ever. 🔍👠

Designing the Foot Fortress: Orthosis Edition 

Picture this: the “arc curvature” of the Stand Strong Arch heel area floating the heel and redirecting the GRF’s. The gel balance rail neutralizes much of the tightrope stiffness in the plantar fascia and your “ball of foot arch”  is reformed by lying congruent to the metatarsal support region of the SSA. This helps to amplify orthosis reaction force (ORF), and a reduction in arch-flattening forces. This powerhouse combo is the key to reducing both compression and tension forces on the beleaguered medial calcaneal tubercle. It's a biomechanical symphony! 

The Finishing Touch: Bottom cover Mastery 

But the quest for happy feet doesn't end there. Stand Strong Arch unveils a final masterpiece – the extra stretchy, full-length bottom cover that controls how much the shock absorbent gel can expand with weight on it. A cushioned haven crafted from our patented design, absorbing impact energy during every step. This simple yet ingenious modification can be the game-changer between orthosis success and defeat in the battle against plantar heel pain. 

Conclusion: Stepping Into a Pain-Free Tomorrow! 🎉

Armed with this knowledge and power of how arch supports and custom foot orthoses can help, you're now equipped to face plantar heel pain head-on. Bid farewell to the days of foot discomfort and welcome a future where every step is a celebration of pain-free bliss. Dr. Stand Strong’s foot arsenal has paved the way – now it's time for you to take that step towards happy, liberated feet! 

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