Many of us shy away from repeated steroid (cortisone) injections, seeking alternatives for persistent pain. Whether consulting a podiatric or foot & ankle orthopedic surgeon, these new options may be presented. No more extensive surgeries involving bone grinding and removal of large portions of the plantar fascia—thankfully! Such procedures often result in as much pain and scar tissue as before. 

💢 EPAT, TOPAZ, and Tenex* mark a more enlightened approach to treatment.** Plantar heel pain can transform from an acute injury to chronic, thickened scar tissue on the heel's bottom—plantar fasciosis. This condition, with its inelasticity, poor blood supply, and reduced shock absorption, requires a different strategy. These treatments aim to introduce new blood vessels and minimize scar tissue through minimally invasive procedures.

🚀 EPAT: Shockwave therapy, similar to that used for kidney stones, offers significant pain relief in as few as 3 treatments—no anesthesia or incisions required.

🔥 TOPAZ: Requires regional anesthesia in a sterile environment. Small holes are made into the fascia, and a radiofrequency device helps eliminate scar tissue, promoting healthy blood vessel regrowth. Recovery is swift, with walking in a running shoe in about 5 days.

🌊 Tenex: A single-incision surgical procedure using ultrasound to visualize the thickened fascia. A specialized probe with a high-pressure water jet breaks up scar tissue, which is then suctioned away.

💉 PRP and amniotic cell injections: Stimulate healing in the chronic scar tissue seen in plantar fasciosis. PRP involves drawing your blood, spinning it down, and injecting this new hi-tech healing solution into your heel. Amniotic injections are similar but come pre-packaged, ready for infiltration into the fascia of your heel.

Even after all these wonderful new high-tech procedures, you still will need something to control the cause of the chronic heel pain to begin with. So, Stand Strong with the Stand Strong® Arch Supports and vanquish heel pain! 

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