Even the thought of effective foot exercises is perhaps something that should be discussed. Many would be inclined to deny that supplementary strength and movement therapy are even necessary for most. Sure, perhaps a short course in physical therapy after an injury or surgical intervention; but dancers or gymnasts most of us are not. 

So why does it feel so good to move the feet. Full of nerve endings and beginnings, the sole of the foot has been called a mobile adaptor. Plus, a rhythmic sequence of movement is so soothing to our overactive (sympathetic) nervous systems; the body moves in such a way as to allow the mind to disengage, relax and recharge. 

The Stand Strong® arch is a dynamic arch motivator; it doesn't have the strength to act as a brace or limit motion. By distilling the essentials of arch support down to the bare minimum, the foot structure "self- positions" into a more effective and efficient alignment. Sometimes causing postural fatigue, reactionary inflammation in muscles and joints from their new found foray into freedom of motion. 

No discussion of foot arches is complete without mentioning the cuboid bone. The keystone of most arches resembles a cube; this is the apex of function, the top of the arch and heap big important fulcrum around which several big foot functions occur. A big topic deserving its own forum.

Again, the "big 3" that your Stand Strong Arch addresses are:

Metatarsal Arch protection 
Cuboid bone activation 
Balance Rail technology 

While simple to apply, little tweaks in the position of  your Stand Strong® arch support can provide greater relief and increase your feeling of cushion. 

Happy walking in pain free beauty. ✨️ 


Dr Stand Strong 

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