Arch pain is a common foot concern. It affects many, including runners and other athletes, but it can also occur in people who spend a lot of time on their feet. Flight attendants, healthcare professionals, retail and hospitality workers to name a few.

The arch of the foot stretches from the base of your toes to your heel, and is designed to help absorb shock, bear weight, create balance, stabilize movement, and adapt to changes in terrain. Arch pain may be felt in the ball and heel of the foot. You may also feel pain in the top of your foot, or even in your ankles, knees, hips, legs, and back.

Depending on the underlying cause, the pain may be worse when walking or standing, or during or after activities involving your feet. It may also be more intense in the morning when you wake. Other factors may include weight gain, aging, overuse, neurological conditions, and physical stress.