Taking care of your feet is as important as taking care of your health. Whether you are a busy mom on the go or an all-time fashionista, it’s essential to give your feet the respect they deserve. Stand Strong’s shoe inserts provide the needed support and balance you need for good foot health.


The anatomy of human feet is nothing short of a feat of engineering brilliance. Most of us don’t ever think about the incredible structure of our feet until injury or deformity impede their function.

Did you know there are twenty-six, yes 26, bones in each foot, tied together with a macrame of rubbery bands, muscles, and skin? This intricate construction supports our entire body weight (along with whatever we might be carrying) and allows us to move with an even stride. Our feet make the grace of dance commonplace yet are tough enough to climb mountains and practice martial arts. Simply put, our feet are miracles of architecture.

As tough and resilient as they are, our feet are also highly sensitive. A crooked sock seam or a tiny stone in our shoe can not only be incredibly irritating, but make a significant difference in our posture, gait, and overall comfort.

The Stand Strong™ foot support shoe inserts were developed with this very principal in mind. You might be thinking, how can something this thin and lightweight be effective? That’s the precise utility of the StandStrong foot arch support inserts. Whether the structural integrity of your feet has been compromised from years of wear, high-impact use, or acute injury, the slim profile of the StandStrong shoe inserts resemble the foot’s native tissue, helping to both reinforce the existing architecture, while alleviating common foot pain by redistributing weight and pressure, encouraging proper foot alignment, and promoting optimum balance.


The Stand Strong Alignment Technology (SSAT)™ is designed to discreetly stick to your feet giving you the support you need, redistributing pressure across the foot and enhancing alignment for all-day comfort. Our shoe inserts for foot pain are perfect for any shoe and activity, Stand Strong™ offers increased stability for optimum mobility.


Metatarsal Support: the lesser metatarsals are protected from overloading, and flexible hammer toes are seen to lie flatter during weight-bearing. Many times, neuroma pain & plantar MTP joint pain can be successfully treated with this device.

Balance Rail: centered between the lateral and medial columns of the foot, both pronation and supination misalignments show improvement with the orthotic. This appears to be secondary to increased proprioception, and the foot adapts by centering itself on this balance beam. 

Cuboid Pad: the cuboid bone has been called the “keystone” of the arch. The Peroneus longus muscle passing under this bone appears to be stimulated to fire by the presence of the Barefoot orthotic adhering to the plantar skin. This helps to plantarflex the 1st ray, as well as providing mid-foot support.